March 1, 2018 Newsletter

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Dear Saint Robert Bellarmine Families,
This Sunday is the third Sunday of Lent. I cannot believe we are almost half way through Lent and in the month of March. This week’s Gospel illustrates Jesus’ strong emotions. It shows us how he was fully human. We are reminded that our emotions are part of who we are as humans but it was we do with them that shows our connection to God. Talk with your family about what helps them to work through anger and how we can take strong emotions like that and channel them into an act of compassion. An example of this would be standing up for someone or something when you see an injustice.

This week has been great celebrating Reading and Dr. Seuss! A special thank you to our teachers for planning fun activities all week. Our Read-a-Thon is underway and continues next week. Any student who raises $100 or more will get to participate in a chance to spray me with silly string!

Each week during Lent, the students have an opportunity to attend Stations of the Cross together. I encourage you to make some time to join us at least one week. Different classes are hosting them and they are always a great way to grow closer to Jesus during this season.

Many Blessings,
Annette Riggio

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