Our athletic program offers a variety of sports that are available to 3rd through 8th graders, depending on the sport.  All students that participate in athletics must maintain a pre-determined grade point average. All students are encouraged to work hard on their school work as well as exceed in extra-curricular activities. SRB coaches are dedicated and instill in our student athletes that school work comes first.

The sports that are currently offered to students in 5th grade and above are flag football and girls’ volleyball in the Fall, basketball in the Winter, as well as boys’ volleyball in the Spring.  Track and field is offered to students in 3rd grade and above during the Spring.  Please note that 4th grade students are sometimes eligible for participation in “B” teams, so if your child is interested, please do reach out to the contact below.

SRB teams play for the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and compete against the 6 other Catholic Schools in our area.

It is a great way for your children to get involved in sports before they head to high school. They learn how to compete, be a team player, manage their time, and have fun with their classmates.  This is also a wonderful way for parents to get involved, as we do welcome parent coaches.  If you are interested, please reach out to the contact below.  There is an interview process for these positions.

If you have any questions regarding our athletic program call Patty Bertole at (818) 203-4366.