Physical education is an essential component of preparing students to live happy and healthy lives.  Students receive 60 minutes of Physical Education each week and the program includes activities that increase motor and hand-eye coordination in the younger grades to more advanced skills and sports development in older grades.  Throughout the program, students are taught sportsmanship skills, team work, and are challenged to make healthy choices.



The world of technology is growing and evolving on a daily basis.  At St. Robert Bellarmine School, we work to help students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade become efficient participants in such an interconnected world with 60 minutes of computer instruction per week.  In the Computer Lab, students learn skills in word processing, the creation of spreadsheets, multimedia presentations and more.  Through the development of these technological skills, we look to equip St. Robert Bellarmine students with tools that can be utilized throughout their educational career and beyond.



St. Robert Bellarmine offers a music program for students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade.  Students develop a sense of basic music theory including counting notes, reading music, and singing basic scales.  Additionally, students prepare music every week for the school-wide Friday Masses so that they can fully participate in the liturgy each week.  Students are engaged through 60 minutes of music instruction every week and also perform in a Christmas Show and a Spring Concert.



St. Robert Bellarmine School offers Spanish as part of their curricular program from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade.  In transitional kindergarten to second grade, students are exposed to the language through songs, stories, and games.  Students in transitional kindergarten and kindergarten receive 30 minutes of instruction per week and students in first and second grade, students receive 45 minutes of instruction per week.  Lessons in these grades provide foundation skills to be successful in their language development. In grades three through eight, students are exposed to real life experience by preparing them to be citizens of the world through reading, writing, listening and speaking in Spanish.  Students in fourth through eighth grade receive 60 minutes of instruction per week.  The entire Spanish program aligns with the Common Core Standards and is designed to reach the needs of all students and to increase the students’ competence in world languages.



One unique aspect of our school community is the instrumental band program for students in fourth through eighth grade.  Students have the opportunity to enhance their music experience and discover their creative talents by learning how to play a band instrument.   The instrumental band program consists of both beginner and advanced bands.  The advanced band performs daily as part of the school’s morning flag salute and prayer.  Both bands also perform two concerts a year and at many school events.  There is no additional charge for the program and instruction takes place during the school day.



Students in grades six through eight are given the opportunity to participate in the Academic Decathlon Team. The team spends months preparing for the Archdiocese competition in March. Students compete in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Literature, Language, Current Events, Religion, and Logic. They are challenged academically and socially to work together to solve problems. Awards are given for individual and team performances, and the winning school represents Los Angeles in the state competition.