Mission and Philosophy

  School Philosophy 

The statement of philosophy, developed and approved by the Principal, staff, Pastor and school board, is consistent with the needs of the community, the school families and the students served.  The school’s goals and objectives that flow from this philosophy are consistent with Catholic philosophy and are systematically reviewed and revised as necessary.  Substantial progress toward attaining these goals and objectives form the basis for an ongoing systematic evaluation and future planning.  St. Robert Bellarmine’s approved statement of its philosophy, goals and objectives are as follows:

The basic responsibility of parents is the education of their children.  The faculty and staff of St. Robert Bellarmine understand that this responsibility is extremely difficult to discharge in today’s environment. Consequently we believe that with parents and teachers working together, the children will:

  • Be prepared to realize their full God given potential.
  • Have an atmosphere in which they can become self-disciplined and self directed in their pursuit of the future.
  • Be guided spiritually, morally, culturally, socially, intellectually and physically to be able to live confidently in the spirit of Christian life.
  • Have those opportunities and encouragement to achieve the above.

We recognize that these goals are ambitious and require a scholastic program that must meet the requirements of a highly variegated student body.  However, we are firmly committed to their accomplishment, keeping in mind the aims of Catholic education as stated by the Bishops of the United States:“To Teach as Jesus Did:  Imparting the Gospel Message, Building Community and Giving Service.”
There are six (6) definitive goals, which the faculty at St. Robert Bellarmine must achieve to be responsive to the Bishops’ directive.  They are: Spiritual, Intellectual, Psychological, Sociological, Physical and Aesthetic.  To meet these definitive goals, the faculty at St. Robert Bellarmine have established the following objectives and course of action to be pursued for each: